Fantasy football loser made to recreate Selena Gomez's 'Good for You' video

A lot of football fans are very serious about their fantasy football leagues. But while that seriousness usually involves pride and bragging rights, for one fantasy devotee there was much more on the line.

According to Deadspin, fantasy football participant Daniel Domnitch ended up dead last in his league and, per a deal made in August with his friends, he had to recreate a music video chosen by the winning teams.

Their choice? Selena Gomez’s sultry “Good for You” clip.

Deadspin said Domnitch’s roommate filmed the scenes on his cellphone, and he did an impressive job mimicking Gomez in a straight face – purple bathrobe and all.

The video was uploaded to YouTube with the title, “This is what defeat looks like.”

“Daniel lost in fantasy football; Daniel had to make a music video; Daniel stinks; don't be like Daniel,” they wrote in the video’s caption. It has gotten more than 128,000 views since it was uploaded earlier this week.

A similar bet led another fantasy football loser in 2014 to replicate Sia's "Chandelier" video.

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