EXCLUSIVE: Pete Wentz, Nick Swisher Sign On for Twitter-Fueled 'Cannonball Run'

Pete Wentz, Nick Swisher and Mercedes Benz have teamed up with to start the world’s first Twitter-fueled “Cannonball Run.”

Starting in February of next year, four pairs of contestants will take off from different U.S. cities in Merecdes Benz vehicles for a chance to head to the Super Bowl in Dallas.

But unlike any traditional race, the teams’ vehicles are fueled by the number of Twitter followers they can attain. For every 15 Tweets, the team will travel one mile. And while the fuel tank has a limit for the day, the team can still earn points.  The driving team that reaches Dallas first will be declared the winner and will receive a pair of 2012 Mercedes Benz C-Class coupes as well as a pair of tickets for the Superbowl.

But instead of throwing the teams out there alone, they will each be assigned a celebrity coach to help them earn followers. The first two celebs to sign up are Pete Wentz and New York Yankee Nick Swisher.

While the celebs won’t actually be in the cars with the teams, they will use their fame to help generate Twitter fuel for the teams.

Teams will depart from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Tampa. Fans can apply for a spot on one of the teams here until December 22.