EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga Took Male Alter-Ego to the Limit By Using Male Restrooms

Strange songstress Lady Gaga prompted many jaws to drop during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night when she channeled her foul-mouthed, whisky-drinking, chain-smoking male alter-ago, Jo Calderone.

"She left me! She said it always starts out good and then the guys -- meaning me, I'm one of the guys -- we get crazy,” the Calderone character said in the opening monologue. “I did. I got crazy. But she's f---ing crazy too, right?"

During Gaga’s multiple appearances on stage throughout the night, she continued to find the need to reinforce that “Gaga wasn’t here tonight” and that “Calderone” “was accepting the award on her behalf.”

However, we’re told Gaga’s somewhat crass drag routine wasn’t just restricted for the cameras. An insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts that the performer also spent the day using men’s room.

We’re sure that was … interesting … for male attendees.

But the strange behavior didn’t end there.

Perhaps the most awkward moment of all came when “Calderone” presented Britney Spears with the Video Vanguard VMA (right after declaring that growing up, Gaga used to “touch herself” while looking at the posters of the pop icon on her wall) and propositioned her for a kiss.

Spears pulled away from the close encounter, and later seemed unsure of how to handle the situation while keeping full composure.

And while Gaga’s rep wasn’t immediately available for comment, some critics argue that she went too far.

“Gaga's shtick wore out its welcome in the first two minutes. In her effort to be original and run away from the cube hat wearing copycats, like Katy Perry, I think she might have pushed the audience too far,” said Los Angeles-based television and music producer, Edward Paige. “People originally embraced Gaga because in all her quirkiness was authentic in that she didn't fit in. But stepping outside the more comfortable vixen role could hurt her. Does MTV or its throngs of little girls’ fans want a diva that looks like Ralph Macchio doing a Lenny Bruce routine? I doubt it.”

According to other industry experts, Gaga could probably benefit from taking a leaf out of fellow winner Adele’s book.

“Gaga’s persistence as ‘Joe Calderone’ degraded an otherwise enjoyable VMAs, and stood in stark contrast to tasteful and classy presentations by the likes of Adele. Gaga’s performance art philosophy may excuse this, but it remains a poor execution of what, at this point, falls squarely into predictably ‘random’ pattern of behavior,” added Jed Smith, head of music composition company, Beta Fish. “If Gaga’s going to be a guy, she should be the biggest bear on the stage, not some sleazy beta karate kid knock off!”