EXCLUSIVE: Justin Moore Joins NRA Country to Support Military, Show Love for the Great Outdoors

Justin Moore is parking his boots beside the likes of Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan and Chuck Wicks and joining the popular “This is NRA Country" cause.

The Arkansas native recently recorded an exclusive song for the effort, with lyrics that celebrate what makes him a proud American: “We’ll stand up for what we love because we believe in the U.S.A, God and family and being free.”

Moore said he appreciates this unique opportunity to open his heart and soul.

“I grew up in rural Arkansas hunting and fishing and doing all things that NRA Country represents. And my family – one grandfather was in the Navy, another in the Air Force, and I grew in a small town with Southern values. I’m an advocate of the Constitution and I’m proud to be a part of it,” Moore told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column exclusively. “What we want to do is spread the gospel of what our country was built on and to keep it intact, from moral issues to the Constitution to the federal government. My whole life is centered on how I was raised, and obviously we need to grow as a country, but keep our core values. To put that in a three-minute song was the best way for me to really express myself.”

Moore (who you can follow on twitter @justincolemoore) also shot a music video for his song, “This Is NRA Country,” in which he stands alongside a slew of other proud Americans across the backdrop of America's green spaces, from beautiful Arkansas farmland to fishing in New York City’s Central Park.

(Check out our exclusive sneak peek of “This Is NRA Country" by clicking the image above or clicking here.)

Coming from military roots, Moore also jumped on the opportunity to be able to show extra appreciation for the troops.

“The NRA is a huge supporter of the military and I’ve been able to work with them and on my own," he said. "It’s just incredibly important to do all we can to help the men and women serving our country."

Moore is quite the busy guy these days, married with a 19-month-old daughter and busy touring with everyone from Miranda Lambert to Rascal Flatts to Brad Paisley. But he still schedules time to enjoy the great outdoors.

“My last show of the year is mid November which is when deer season gets cranked up in Arkansas, and I’ll be off until January and I try to keep it that way,” Moore said. “And at 19 months old, my daughter already has a big love for the outdoors.”

Moore’s song “This is NRA Country” can be downloaded at NRACountry.com, and for the next two weeks the video can be viewed exclusively at facebook.com/nracountry. You can also follow NRA Country on Twitter at @nracountry2010.