EXCLUSIVE: Eva Longoria Plays Lesbian Town Mayor in New Comedy 'Without Men'

If you thought Eva Longoria was sexy as Gabrielle Solis in the long-running “Desperate Housewives,” then get ready for some serious steam as she takes on her most provocative role to date in Gabriela Tagliavini’s feature film, “Without Men,” an adaptation of the James Canon novel “Tales From the Town of Widows.”

“Eva is more sexy here than in ‘Desperate Housewives,’” Tagliavini told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “She was a total trooper and she just went for it, it all looked very real.”

By “went for it” we mean the recently-divorced screen star got up pretty close and personal with fellow actress, Kate del Castillo, in a film that tells the story of a remote Latin American village in which the females are left to lead and look after themselves after all the men are forced out by a band of Communist rebels.

“It was a little difficult as the two girls are both straight so they were very nervous and laughed a lot,” Tagliavini said of the intimate moments. “But I think that just made it even lovelier. [Female audiences] don’t want to watch porn, so it was all very sensual, both are very beautiful women aside from being incredibly funny.”

But that’s not the only aspect of “Without Men” that is bound to get tongues wagging. Oscar Nunez plays the town’s highly-respected yet dishonest Catholic priest (and the only male allowed to remain) who suddenly sees it as his “holy duty” to try and impregnate the wads of women in the satirical comedy, which hits select theaters on July 29.

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“The film essentially is about leadership. Being bossy will not get you the same response as if you’re team leader,” Tagliavini continued. “And when women come together for a common goal, it works great.”

Longoria’s film, in which she appoints herself to mayor, also poses the pivotal question: would the world be a better place if it was run by ladies? And behind-the-scenes, there was quite a bit of friendly rivalry between Longoria and Christian Slater, who plays a supporting role, to see who would be top food-cart dog.

“Eva brought in an ice-cream cart for the crew, so Christian then hired a barbeque truck, and then Eva ordered a coffee truck,” Tagliavini said. “They were competing with each other, and the crew loved it.”