Elsa Hosk's GQ Mexico Slideshow, Rob Kardashian's Pulled Pork Sandwich, and Much, Much More

Here's what everyone's buzzing about:

• Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk posed for the August issue of GQ Mexico, and she's already taken the liberty of compiling her revealing photos into a neat slideshow (above). Unfortunately, Hosk didn't include any of the issue's style guides or book reviews in the clip, so if you're one of the three GQ readers in Mexico who wants to see anything other than Elsa, head to the newsstand today.

• Speaking of Elsa, we once asked the Swedish beauty to open up about her workout routine, because c'mon — whatever she's doing is working. Furthermore, Hosk also told us why she does it: "I feel like I work out so I can eat whatever I want," she said. Watch the video below to learn about her favorite exercises, as well as the fattening guilty pleasure she does them for.

• On Thursday, Rob Kardashian returned to Instagram after a long hiatus, posting an old shirtless photo of himself (below). He captioned the shot, "Me just chill-zoning in Malibu eating a pulled pork sandwich," which makes us think he returned to Instagram only to try and coin the phrase "chill-zoning." Either that, or he's planning on opening a new eatery called "Rob's Malibu Chill-Zone: A Place for Pork."

• After debuting to some of FOX's lowest ratings ever, the network has decided to cancel Ryan Seacrest's new series "Knock Knock Live" after only two episodes. Apparently, people just don't want more Ryan Seacrest, even if he's giving away free money.

• Judging by "Trainwreck" star Amy Schumer's Instagram posts, she and Jennifer Lawrence are new best buds. They've already gone jet-skiing together, and even constructed a human pyramid with bikini-clad Jennifer on top. Now that we think on it, though, perhaps Amy doesn't really like Jennifer that much. Otherwise, she'd have topped the pyramid with someone who doesn't have a public history of falling.

• During an appearance on "The Daily Show," Tom Cruise said he's already making plans for a sixth "Mission: Impossible" film. We think it's a great idea, but only if he renames his franchise first.. With Cruise willing to climb tall buildings or hang from airborne planes, none of these missions have really proved impossible thus far.

• Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for Johnny Depp's upcoming film "Black Mass," in which he plays notorious Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger (below). But unlike the many Tim Burton films that required him to wear the same, it looks as if Depp's funny wig and fake accent might actually earn him an Oscar this time.

• HBO has announced plans to air two specials about Irish rock band U2 in November: one a documentary about their current iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour, and the other a concert film from that same tour. In other words, HBO viewers will need to fast-forward through both to hear something they recognize instead of new songs from U2's "Songs of Innocence."

• On Thursday, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen shared a short Instagram video in which she's balancing a plate of chicken wings on her butt, just out of husband John Legend's reach (below). But don't feel bad for John; we're guessing his belly is already full of the jalapeno poppers Chrissy served off her boobs a bit earlier.

• And finally, the International Olympic Committee has chosen Beijing as the host of its 2022 Winter Games, making it the first city to host both the Summer (2008) and Winter Olympics. The runner-up city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, will just have to wait another four years to prove it's more than just a place we liken to Borat's decrepit hometown.