'Duck Dynasty's' Robertsons travel to Scotland in season 7 premiere

[SPOILER ALERT: The following story contains information about the upcoming season of "Duck Dynasty."]

Fans of "Duck Dynasty" rejoice; the hit A&E show is back and this time the Robertsons are shaking things up with a family trip to Scotland.

When Willie is called away on a business trip, he brings the entire clan along to learn more about their Scottish roots in the season 7 hour-long premiere Nov. 19.

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While in Scotland, Willie discovers some surprising news about his family's heritage while Uncle Si crashes Jep and Jessica's romantic getaway.

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    When the family returns to the United States, Sadie's "Dancing With the Stars" partner Mark Ballas tries to teach Willie and Miss Kay some dance moves and Si has his moment in the spotlight when he serves as the weatherman on a local TV show.

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    "Duck Dynasty" reached a peak of 12 million viewers in 2013, but has since seen a decline in ratings.

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