'Duck Dynasty's' Korie Robertson: Negativity sucked the life out of my family

Korie Robertson revealed one her least proud moments.

The "Duck Dynasty" star wrote about "overcoming negativity" in a post on her daughter Sadie's blog "Live Original."

"I told our kids their negativity was sucking the life out of me. On a Sunday…on the way home from church. It wasn’t my proudest moment," Robertson admitted.

The reality star explained she had been extremely frustrated with her kids in the time leading up to her lashing out.

"Not to be dramatic, but their negativity was eating away at my soul," she wrote.

Robertson, who recently adopted a son with husband Willie, wrote that the newest addition to their brood was struggling with negativity.

"His first thought is pretty much always NO. He doesn’t like it, he won’t like it, he tried it once and didn’t like it…you get the idea," she wrote.

When one of her sons was complaining about the "awesome school" the Robertsons are "thankful to have the ability" to send their children too and another was complaining about having to eat again at a restaurant, "it sent me right over the edge," she admitted.

After the rough patch, Robertson was determined to set an example for her family and started "mentioning the good things more."

"Am I perfect at this? Nope, but I know what negativity does to me and to the ones I love the most. So, when I see it in my life, I work to stop it right in it’s tracks," she said.

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