‘Duck Dynasty’ recap: Willie faces his fear of heights

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Fans of “Duck Dynasty” have long been aware of Willie Robertson’s greatest fear: heights. The Duck Commander CEO has opted out of zip lining, cliff jumping and other activities due to his phobia. But in this week’s episode of the hit A&E show, Willie finally faced his fear.

While helping out the firefighters of West Monroe, Louisiana, Willie, Jep and Jase decided to “test their manhood” with firefighting drills. West Monroe’s finest were only too happy to oblige.

“Every young boy considers becoming a fireman at some point in his life,” said Willie. “There's a lot to like -- big trucks, cool gear, the chance you may be on a calendar.”

What they didn’t tell the Robertson boys was all of the hard work they were about to encounter on a specially designed firefighter obstacle course.

“I didn't know it was going to be intense,” a worn-out Willie complained. “I know these guys have a hard job but can't we have some easier drills? Where's the ‘ole get the cat down from the tree or false alarm?”

It definitely wasn’t fun and games when the Robertson brothers were brought before a five-story-high wall and told to rappel off of it. Jase and Jep had each tried out the other drills so it was Willie’s turn to give it a go.

“It’s not so much that I want to rappel down a five-story building, but I know I haven't exactly participated today,” he admitted. “Of all the drills, the one where gravity does all of the work, that sounds like a good one to volunteer for.”

After signing a waiver, the real firemen warned the brothers the rappelling drill was very dangerous.

“We stress safety because your life could end here,” said one fireman. “I can almost promise that [won't' happen but] if you fall, there's a really good chance that you'll die.”

“Can you see the hospital from up there?” Jase asked a terrified Willie who was getting ready to jump.

“Actually, I can,” Willie answered back.

“Now you know where you're going,” said Jase.

While Willie made his way down the wall, his parents and Uncle Si were lost at the cemetery after Miss Kay insisted they visit her grandmother’s grave.

“Never trust Miss Kay's directions,” Phil said as the trio searched for the correct tombstone. “She’s even got me lost in places I know how to get there. I made a vow to the woman to follow her to the grave. I just didn't think it would be taken this literally.”

After eventually finding the right place, Miss Kay noted how nice the cemetery was and decided they should purchase a few plots for themselves.

“The only thing more morbid than walking through a cemetery is looking for your own grave,” said Phil. “Miss Kay is enjoying the whole thing. Women, go figure.”

After Willie made it down from the wall, with the help of the firefighters, and Miss Kay, Phil and Si made it out of the cemetery, it was time for a family dinner.

“Every so often, you get to stare at death in the face and remember that life on earth doesn't last forever,” Willie said over family dinner. “And those moments are times that really make you appreciate what you've got.”