'Duck Dynasty' recap: Robertson family receives high honor from Louisiana Governor

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The Robertson family proved the sixth time is the charm in the opening episode of their hit A&E show. The '"Duck" pack have come a long way from season one where they spent the evening hunting for frogs on a golf course to last night's sixth season's debut where the family were honored by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. And in a surprising twist, the clan skipped out on their usual end-of-the-episode family dinner in lieu of the governor's ceremony.

To prepare for Jindal’s arrival, the Duck Commander boys asked each other what they would do if they were elected governor.

"You wouldn't have to clean up dog poop," said youngest brother Jep.

"You have to do that?" a bewildered Jase asked to which Jep said yes. "I'll go to jail before I reach down and pick up dog poop."

Recently engaged Martin said he would make the work week four days long and Godwin would outlaw jalapeno chips for being "too hot." Everyone agreed he wouldn't get their vote.

"I'm nervous about the governor coming to town," said youngest brother Jep. "My game's usually tight now but it ain't now."

Crazy but lovable Uncle Si asked his nephew what "tight" meant.

"Tight is good, like my shoes are tight," explained Jep.

"Your shirt's too tight, that's the problem," complained older brother Jase.

A frustrated Willie found his employees goofing around in the back of the warehouse when they were supposed to be readying the place for the governor’s arrival.

"This is the one day I actually need my employees to act like employees," said Willie. "I'm not asking for the world. At the very least, these guys can pick up boxes off of the floor. Or at the very eye least they can avoid making a new mess."

But Si was not having it. He refused to help out because "the day just started off wrong."

"Don't worry Willie, we'll make sure this warehouse is tight," said Si.

But in true Robertson style, before the governor arrived the family had some fun first.

"Sadie farted," announced Willie and Korie's son John Luke at the kitchen table.

"John Luke, seriously?" his shocked sister Sadie responded.

"Did you, Sadie?" their mom Korie asked. "Farting's always funny."

Sadie didn't own up, and she and mom Korie went to help Miss Kay find the perfect outfit for meeting the governor. After husband Phil rejected her first outfit for being "too shiny," Miss Kay tried on a slew of clothing until she finally found the right one.

"Well I should have known this was going to happen," said Phil. "If you say no to one outfit, get ready, there's a fashion show coming up."

Once Miss Kay had the perfect outfit, it was time for Governor Jindal's big moment.

Before presenting Willie with a reward for entrepreneurship, Jindal found his way to the back of the warehouse and played ball with the "Duck" boys.

John Luke introduced Jindal when it was time for the ceremony. The governor praised the Robertsons for their family values.

"You've got multiple generations of the same family praying together, working together, living together," Jindal said of the Robertsons.