Drury family explain the benefits of the hunting lifestyle

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Hunting is more than a sport for the Drury family, it's a lifestyle. The family of hunters turned their passion of hunting into a successful reality TV show on Outdoor Channel. It's not just the thrill of the sport that the Drurys love; the Midwestern family said hunting brings them closer to God and unites them as a team. They spoke to FOX411 about what fans can expect from season 2 of their hit show.

FOX411: There are a lot of hunting shows on TV. What sets "Drury's Thirteen" apart?
Terry: Season 2 of the show "Thirteen" that we do in conjunction with Under Armour is a real synopsis of an entire [hunting] season and culmination of about 25-40 years of hunting that Mark [my brother] and I have been doing. We’re students of the game and we've been studying [hunting] for a long, long time' but we've never really disclosed what we’ve learned and shared it with anyone. The battle that a hunter always has is with or against Mother Nature and we decided to bring Mother Nature to life [in our show] and we gave her a voice. She’s either your best friend or worst enemy. “Thirteen” refers to the 13 phases a white tail goes through we wanted to bring forward and help other hunters become successful as they go out in the field. White tails are on their own clocks you kind of succumb or go to their lifestyle. “Thirteen” is really the brain trust.

Taylor: I am a lot younger and I grew up hunting, but obviously dad and Uncle Terry have blood, sweat and tears that go into hunting. So it's been a great opportunity for [me] to sit back and be sponges to them throughout the years and get to learn everything you can because as a hunter, you never stop learning. It's a wild game. Not a lot of people have an endless amount of time, so I feel like “Thirteen” is the perfect show to allow someone to watch a 30 minute show that has so much knowledge and correct information and we're educating in a way, saying it’s important to follow these ethics and morals [when hunting]. It's been a huge blessing to be a part of. “Thirteen” has definitely given a new twist to a hunting show.

FOX411: What's it like to work with family?
Terry: It has its challenges but Mark and I sat down with one another and decided if we can’t enjoy this, then we're not going to do it. I respect him and he respects me. Everyone has an evolution and a growing up process no matter how old we get. There’s always room to grow.

Taylor:  A family business can create issues, but to me, dad and Uncle Terry are our role models. At the end of the day, we're family and we respect one another and it's a blessing to get to say that we work with family. It's definitely brought us together.

FOX411: Taylor, you’ve received death threats for posting picture of your hunts on social media. How do you handle that?
Taylor: Well, I don’t know…since I’ve been raised hunting, I know how hunting benefits us, other people and benefits conservation. When we get that negative feedback, it’s human nature to have trouble understanding it. To me, it's just someone that they mean completely bad but they don't understand hunting. Because I grew up in a public school I have had numerous conversations with some of my friends who probably didn't agree with hunting. But once we sat down and talked about it and I explained how it's formed an unbreakable bond with us and Mother Nature, they understand a bit more. Negativity is nothing that you want for following your passion, but I feel like we love it so much, when it does happen, we can sit back and continue to spread this message and why it's so important.

Terry: We're the type of people that don't push our message and say it's the only message out there. If someone wants to tune in to the Outdoor Channel and see what we're trying to convey, by golly we're all for it. But we're not going to go out on a street corner. We love that everyone is able to express their freedom of speech but we're not going to show our distaste. We're Midwestern people and we try to find the good in everyone. We just don't condone that type of actions where someone else is going to criticize or critique someone.

FOX411: What is the thing you like most about hunting?
Taylor: There's so much craziness going on in the world and it's really nice, at the end of the day, to be a part of the hunting community because it's such a pure, wholesome sport. Giving time to sit down with your family and nourish your body with food and game that you harvested. It's easy for an outsider to judge hunting. I feel like as hunters, anyone that does hunt, it's all of our jobs to continue to send a clear message on how hunting unites you as a family. It's completely a lifestyle that we're all so proud to live.

Terry: The hunting and this lifestyle, unless you're a hunter it's really hard to explain. When you're able to sit in the woods in the morning and watch all of these animals and it's their world so you’re really an outsider looking in…we’re really talking about the respect that God sprinkled all of these animals on this Earth for us.

“Thirteen” airs Tuesdays on Outdoor Channel.