'Divorce Court': Wife accused of sleeping with entire Wu-Tang Clan

On a recent episode of “Divorce Court,” a man, Nate, accused his wife, Lia, of cheating on him with a rap group before they were married.

Lia told Judge Lynn Toler that the accusations were false, but it sounded like Toler wasn’t too sure.

“This sounds ridiculous but he accused me of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan,” Lia said before detailing a night in which she met the group after their show, got on their bus, and then hung out with them until 7 o’clock in the morning in a hotel room during which time they simply “talked a lot about politics.”

“She gave Wu some tang,” Nate replied.

“Nothing inappropriate happened and let me just put on the record that Wu-Tang is nothing but gentlemen,” Lia protested. “I would never be a buss down or a groupie in that situation.”

“Buss down – that’s a new one!” Judge Toler laughed.

Lia said she and Nate were living together at the time and when she realized how late – or early – it was she got in a cab and went home.

“You stayed out all night got on a tour bus, with a band, with a group,” Toler said. “That’s buss-down behavior.”

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