Derek and Julianne Hough, a famous duo of dancing siblings, paired up for their Move Live on Tour, traveling across the country with high-powered dance performances for 42 stops. How do they keep their life balanced when their work is so demanding? By turning to their family for support, Derek Hough told FOX411.

“My relationship with my family is really strong,” Hough told FOX411. “We have our trials and our difficult moments, but we’re really close and really supportive.”

The 29-year-old dancer said his parents help keep him in check when it comes to his growing fame.

“It goes back to love and support -- my dad keeps us all very grounded, my mom is our biggest cheerleader, and we always say we’re a team.”

While the Houghs are known for their dancing skills, the pair did try out some acting work while attending a performing arts high school in London. They even made a quick appearance in the first “Harry Potter” film alongside “Dancing With the Stars” champ Mark Ballas.

“You can really a clear shot of me when Hermione is going to Christmas break and she’s walking through the Great Hall, you can see me walk by, and I’m a Ravenclaw," Hough recalled.

The five-time “Dancing with the Stars” winner said he and his sister Julianne have been fortunate enough to mostly stay out of the tabloids since their “Harry Potter” days, but their fame still comes with a price.

“So much of that [tabloid] stuff you look at and you go, ‘that’s 100 percent false,’ and as long as you’re honest with yourself an know who you are, you don’t read those things and take them to heart.”

The Hough siblings spend a lot of time together but luckily the get along – most of the time.

“We totally get along and have a great time” he said. “We are just very like minded people so when we work together we don’t argue too much but when we do, we get over it really fast we're more like a team-- good about working with each other.”

How does Hough prepare for his Move Live shows? By dancing around during breakfast, he dished.

“It’s like the ‘Dougie’ for breakfast,” Hough said of the cereal and milk dance he choreographed to go with his Kellogg’s Special K breakfast. “I also have a few incantations I say to myself. I crank up [the music] loud and break a sweat and hit on the doors of the dressing rooms to get everyone pumped up and ready to go.”

What can fans expect from Hough’s show?

“We want each night’s audience to walk away with something positive.”