From “Deadliest Catch,” comes an Oregon spin off “Deadliest Catch: Dungeon’s Cove” following the lives of crab fishing families and the hardships they face at sea. Gary and Kenny Ripka—father and son respectively—previewed to FOX411 the pressure viewers will see this season.

“I think you are going to see some really intense pressure that we are under,” Gary said. “You are going to see guys cracking under pressure, you are going to see fishing in some crappy weather, you are going to see a lot of competition and pressure and families and how they deal with that.”

Kenny added that there will also be a lot of family interaction on the show.

“You can expect to see a group of guys working really really hard to provide a living for their families and battling the elements of the ocean,” he explained. “You can expect to see us interacting with our families and the struggles that go with what we do not only in the ocean but on land struggling to say goodbye and everything that comes with it.”

And Kenny admitted that working with family is tough and that the father and son duo don’t always see eye to eye. Gary revealed the two roles he takes on as a fisherman.

“It’s hard to decipher and finding the difference between boss and dad. During crab season dad is second but being a boss is number one. It’s still business any way you look at it.”

As Kenny struggles to be the best single dad to his 4-year-old daughter, he explained fishing was the first job in the world. And from that he noted how this show is able to connect to Americans as a whole.

“I think people have a connection with it and people all around the world work really really hard…They understand and feel our pain of what we go through out in the water and connect with that.”

Dad, Gary, added that what they do is the real deal.  

“People relate to hard work with reward. It shows you work hard you get a reward.”

“Deadliest Catch: Dungeon’s Cove” premieres September 13th on Discovery.