We were there for their first kisses, and their first... well, "firsts" and all the teen angst-filled love triangles on "Dawson's Creek," which aired for 6 seasons on TV from 1998 to 2003.  Whether you were rooting for Joey and Pacey, or Joey and Dawson or Dawson and Jen or Jen and Jack or... gosh, we're still confused, Capeside High was just like any other high school: full of little white lies, hard learned life lessons and loves lost and found. Now, 10 years after the show ended, our friends Snakkle.com help us find out where the talented stars are now.

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James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery on &quotDawson's Creek&quot
For such a seemingly self-aware guy, Dawson Leery actually has a lot of trouble seeing things as they are. His relationship with childhood best friend, Joey Potter, gets complicated by puberty and the addition of Jen Lindley to Capeside High. Dawson's obsession with film and imagining fiction as reality doesn't make his love life any easier.

James Van Der Beek—Now
James Van Der Beek has done well on TV, continuing to successfully star in TV dramas like &quotOne Tree Hill&quot and &quotDon't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23.&quot He's also starring in the upcoming film &quotLabor Day.&quot He has two children with his second wife, Kimberly Brook.

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Katie Holmes as Joey Potter on "Dawson's Creek"
On “Dawson’s Creek,” girl next door Joey Potter is the unladylike best friend of Dawson Leery and eventual object of Pacey's desire. Joey focuses on her sometimes romantic friendship with Dawson to distract her from the loss of her mother and her troubled deadbeat dad.

Katie Holmes—Now
Perhaps better known now for her seven-year marriage and much publicized divorce from actor Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has still had time to land a few notable roles, like as Rachel Dawes in "Batman Begins" and Jackie Kennedy in "The Kennedys," a TV mini-series. She has one daughter from her marriage with Cruise, Suri.

Joshua Jackson as Pacey Witter on "Dawson's Creek"
Oh, Pacey. His irresistible false-arrogance had girls doing back flips for the secretly sensitive jerk. He lost his virginity in season one to his English teacher and then finds himself in a star-crossed lovers kind of romance with Joey Potter. Their attraction and history proves lightning can strike twice.

Joshua Jackson—Now
After "Dawson's Creek," Joshua Jackson went on to play Peter Bishop in the hit series "Fringe." He's also known on and off the red carpet as Diane Kruger's leading man of choice.

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Michelle Williams as Jen Lindley on "Dawson's Creek"
Michelle Williams played the new girl in town, Jen Lindley. Jen's rebellious attitude, atheism and dark past make her the bad-girl-turned-good-girl, or maybe it was the other way around? Jen's relationship with Dawson stays complicated up until her premature death in the final season.

Michelle Williams—Now
Jen Lindley was just the beginning for Michelle Williams. The actress went A-list after her impressive, Academy Award-nominated supporting actress performance in the feature film "Brokeback Mountain." She earned a second and third Oscar nod for Best Actress in the movies "Blue Valentine" and "My Week With Marilyn." She continues to act and has one daughter with the now deceased actor (and her "Brokeback Mountain" costar) Heath Ledger, named Matilda.