David Archuleta to Perform at American Freedom Festival, Explains "Truths" About Jive Records

David Archuleta is not letting anyone or anything get in the way of his happiness or his career.

The American Idol alumn, has just been confirmed as one of the lead performers at the American Freedom Festival, one of the country’s leading nationalistic events happening in Provo Utah, Saturday July 2.

Earlier this week the singer opened up to his fans about the rumors that he had been dropped by his record label Jive Records.

In a blog post directed at his fans, Archuleta tells his “truths” and the “direction he is supposed to go in.”

“I feel like I’m changing as an artist and changing the direction I’m going,” said Archuleta. “I’ve loved working with them and I’ve learned a lot from them as a company. But, it felt like I need to go on a different direction now.”

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Archuleta, who signed with Jive Records in 2008 released his self-titled album David Archuleta in November of that year. His debut single “Crush” rose to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart as well.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a spokesperson for Jive stated that "David was released from our roster" when recent reports showed that his latest album The Other Side of Down only sold 67,000 copies.

Nonetheless, the Honduran singer explained in his latest blog post how Jive was “changing as a company” stating how many staff members were no longer with the label.

“The President, Berg Weis is no longer with the company,” said Archuleta. “The person who I would make the albums with, Jeff Fenster, he is no longer there. He left too.”

Archuleta then moves on and tells his fans how “scary” it was to make the decision of parting ways with Jive as well as his management.

“There have been offers to continue working with them, but it just didn’t feel like the right thing now,” Archuleta stated.”

“I’ve learned throughout my life that you have to trust your gut…sometimes it’s hard to make decisions but it’s the right thing to do.”

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