Dave Letterman's 'Top 10' focuses on things Brian Williams may or may not have said

Tuesday, before NBC announced it was putting "Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams on ice for six months over his false claims about being on a helicopter shot by an RPG in Iraq in 2003, David Letterman’s CBS late-night show had taped "Top 10 Things Brian Williams Has Said That May Or May Not Be True."

It aired anyway, including Letterman’s comments in support of the “fabulously entertaining” Williams, who was scheduled to guest Thursday night, but canceled last Sunday, prompting "Stars and Stripes" to release the audio of Williams’ full interview with the journalist who broke the story of his fabrication.

“He says millions and millions and millions of things every day on the little nightly news show over there, so occasionally some of them have to be re-jiggered…They should just put at the end of the [newscast]: ‘Some of what Brian says may not be true.’ Not that big a deal; I don’t care. You like seeing him when he comes on here,” Letterman reminded viewers.

Watch the video below: