Daryl Hall talks Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions: ‘It’s all political’

Daryl Hall, the silky voiced singer of Hall & Oates, is very busy these days. He’s caught up with his long-running webcast, "Live from Daryl's House," and he also has a home renovation series in the works, titled "Daryl's Restoration Over-Hall." And after many years of waiting, Hall & Oates will finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April. The Philly native spoke to FOX11 about his hectic life.

FOX411: You're being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Why do you think it took so long?
Hall: I don't know. It's all political isn't it? It's run by people who have their own agendas. I wasn't part of their agendas and now I'm a part of their agenda.

FOX411: Are you happy or angry that it took so long?
Hall: I'm not angry because I don't care enough to be angry. It's a nice thing. Late 20th century music was a really important thing. It changed the world and I'm part of that, and now I'm part of the museum that celebrates that.

FOX411: [People don’t] realize that Hall & Oates were at one time the most successful duo.
Hall: Not at one time. I still am.

FOX411: Why do people relate so much to your music?
Hall: I think there's a certain reality to it, like my TV show, it cuts to the core. I think there's a timeless quality about it. I say that because it's sort of been proven and the subject matter and the way that I deal with my subjects, it's just something that people can really relate to and hold onto. My experiences speak for a lot of people, that's as good as I can say it.

FOX411: How did "Live from Daryl's House" start?
Hall: I thought, “Let's just take some cameras and film whatever we feel like doing. Let's just play on the front porch and hang around and film it.” That's literally what we did. I immediately went, “Oh this is working,” and by the third episode I said, “Let's get a guest.” That's how it happened. It was all very organic and natural. The idea was that there was no audience, no pretension. Show people the way they really are when they hang out together as musicians and show people a different side of music.

FOX4411: And you have a renovation show. [Hall’s show will debut this spring on DIY.]
Hall: I did an episode for “This Old House” because I reconstruct and renovate old houses. I've been doing it for years. I have a great love of antique architecture. DIY saw that episode, contacted me and asked me if I'd like to do a show. I said, “I just happen to have another project that I want to start, a 1780's house and why don't we film the renovation and reconstruction of that?” They liked the idea so that's what I'm doing.

FOX411: How involved are you?
Hall: I'm involved in every aspect of it. I did all the design. I do the drawings then I give it to an architect to draw as blueprints because I'm too lazy to do that. I'm the general contractor. I [have] a friend who's a master carpenter who runs the crew. It's very hands on.

FOX411: What would be your advice to would be renovators?
Hall: I specialize in early homes and what I care about the most is renovating a home and taking it back to its original construction idea. [Old] houses were built with purpose… The room proportions all have significance. The architectural regional style has significance. It all comes together to tell a story and if you're going to deal with it you have to listen to that story and work within it.