CW plans show about pregnant virgin, bringing back 'The Flash'

The CW television network is planning to air a soap opera-style series about a virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated.

"Jane the Virgin," is a telenovela adaptation about a young woman obsessed with Spanish soap operas whose life takes on some theatrical complications. Through a doctor's mistake, she's inseminated with a specimen from a playboy donor.

The network is also bringing back "The Flash," a series about a superhero who moves about with lightning speed. The show will air Tuesday nights, one of only two new series the CW is introducing in the fall.

"The Flash" will fit right in to a youth-focused network that already has series about vampires, a vampire-werewolf hybrid, medieval royalty, humans returned after being exiled in space, supernatural hunters and an injustice-fighting billionaire back after being shipwrecked. And supermodels.

CW President Mark Pedowitz also said Thursday he's trying again to make a "Supernatural" spinoff. Two older series, "Hart of Dixie" and "Beauty and the Beast," aren't on the schedule but will return at some point, Pedowitz said.

The CW ordered two other fantasy-based series for midseason use:

—"iZombie," about an overachieving medical student whose life was upended when she went to a party that turned out to be a zombie feeding frenzy.

—"The Messengers," about a group of strangers drawn together to prevent the end of the world.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.