Critics: Michelle Obama used military as Oscar ‘props,' 'human wallpaper'

Michelle Obama’s appearance at the Oscars surprised many viewers, some were more puzzled ny the members of the military that stood behind her as she announced the award for Best Picture.

The First Lady was multi-tasking Sunday night, hosting the black tie 2013 Governor's Dinner at the White House, while also announcing the Academy Award to a crowd of A-listers in Los Angeles, plus a viewing audience in the hundreds of millions.

But Obama made no mention of the group surrounding her as she spoke of this year’s influential films, and critics slammed the appearance, saying she used the military personnel as “props.”

“ you young men and women of the US military are to stand looking interested whilst Michelle Obama presents Best Picture #Ofcourse!” one user posted on Twitter.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin tweeted a similar sentiment: “Why was Michelle O at the Oscars and why did she use service personnel as props but not thank the military?”

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Indeed, in her brief speech about the best picture award, Obama failed to make mention of the men and women standing behind her, leaving many wondering what they were doing there.

On Twitter, some accused the FLOTUS of using the members of the military as “background,” “decoration” and even “human wallpaper.”

Professor Jonathan Taplin, director of the Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California, told that its not uncommon for military personnel to be present for formal White House events.

“She was dressed very formally so whenever someone gets dressed up at the White House they always have military people around,” he explained.

Calls From to the White House were not immediately returned, but so far Obama has not explained the military’s presence during her Academy Awards appearance, though she did tweet that she enjoyed announcing the top award of the night.

“It was a thrill to announce the #Oscars2013 best picture winner from the @WhiteHouse! Congratulations Argo! –mo,” she wrote early Monday morning.