Courtney Stodden releases video as Oklahoma City prostitute

Looks like Courtney Stodden has given up on her music career for acting. The 21-year-old reality star posted a video on her website where she showed off her acting chops.

Stodden explained on her blog that she was inspired by her role model Marilyn Monroe to "take risks in her acting choices."

"I've always admired actors who attempt to get "inside" their roles and actually seem to transform into the characters they portray," she wrote on her site. "I'm fascinated by colorful characters and enjoy attempting to play them. I'm also interested in stretching myself as an actress and taking risks."

In the video, the typically made-up Stodden appears in a dirty, ripped-up grey sweatshirt and wears her hair in a messy bun on top of her head. She is wearing no makeup aside from black eyeliner that looks like it was smudged around her eyes as if she was crying.

Stodden wrote that she was inspired to create "Tamra Munn" after researching "crack addicted prostitutes living on the streets of Oklahoma City." 

Shortly after this story was published, Stodden deleted the video.