Courtney Love's latest financial troubles include nearly $320K tax lien

There’s more money trouble for Courtney Love — in addition to losing a $96,000 judgment in a Los Angeles court this week, the financially-challenged former Hole singer has been slapped with a whopping tax lien.

According to IRS filings, Love, widow of Kurt Cobain, was hit with a $319,749 lien last month for the tax period ending in 2012. That came after Love last year received a tax bill for $266,861.01, which included unpaid taxes from 2009 ($3,236.23) and 2011 ($263,624.78). The singer also had a lien filed against her in 2009 for $324,335.21 she owed in 2007, but she reportedly paid that off.

On Tuesday, Love was ordered by an LA Superior Court judge to pay $96,000 to Dawn Simorangkir, a fashion designer who accused Love of defaming her on Twitter. A judge had previously ordered Love to pay Simorangkir about $450,000, but she only paid about $350,000.

Love’s earnings have come from royalties and other revenues from Cobain’s estate, and from her acting career and touring with Hole. She has mismanaged her funds over the years but blamed previous problems on bad accountants.

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