Country stars share the first time they heard their songs on the radio

Country stars know radio airplay is important when it comes to making it in the business and that’s why it’s such a big milestone when they hear one of their own songs on the radio for the very first time.

Most of them likely turn up the volume and some make sure to get a home video like Lady Antebellum. Hillary Scott reminisced with FOX411Country about what that moment was like for them, “We were on a radio tour and we visited the station and he goes 'listen to the station after midnight,' so we were rolling into the next town and they played it and it was one of the biggest moments. I mean, we captured it on video, and we also remember the first time we heard 'Need You Now' which was in Toronto which is where we shot the video. You never forget those moments, especially the first single we ever released out. It's always really special. Even to this day… when a song comes on the radio we always turn it up."

Thomas Rhett also has a recording of the milestone, he told us “I actually found my ancient iPad that I had the other day, and it had a video of me listening to my song on the radio for the first time which is pretty cool. That's a feeling that never gets old.”

Brett Eldredge told us about the first time he heard his own vocals belting out from those speakers, “I was eating my lunch, like a chicken sandwich, and I about spit it out because I was so in shock and I just kind of sat there the whole time. I think they might have it on video somewhere.” He added, “You never forget that first time of hearing your song on the radio because it takes a lot of things to get to that point.”

Katie Armiger was caught off guard hearing her song. She told FOX411Country "I heard it while I was sitting in a Taco Bell eating. I'm eating a taco and I go “that sounds pretty familiar” and they were totally playing my single at the time. I went up to the front of the store and was like “this is my song, can you turn it up?” and they were like “this isn't you" and I had to sing to them to convince them it was my song… And then they turned it up.”

Several singers were able to share the moment with family. Sara Evans said it was lucky timing, "I was at home visiting my family in Missouri which was so lucky. We had gone out to dinner and I was in the car with my mom and 'Three Chords and The Truth' came on and we both started screaming and freaking out and I was like, oh my gosh, how lucky, what a blessing that was."

Stars Chris Young, Jerrod Niemann, Maddie and Tae, Randy Houser, and Kip Moore also shared their first time radio play memories with us, watch the video round-up for those and follow us on Twitter @FOX411Country for more country music news.

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