Angry CNN panel shreds Trump's Independence Day remarks, calls it 'Schoolhouse Rock' speech

It appears that CNN can't take a holiday from its constant bashing of President Trump, as a panel on Thursday ripped the "Salute to America" speech he had just given to a huge Fourth of July crowd.

Following remarks that celebrated America's history and honored the U.S. military, the liberal news network launched a firing squad beginning with former President Obama official and CNN analyst John Kirby saying he was "troubled about the militaristic tone" of the event.

"We were treated to essentially eighth-grade history that was fairly sepia-toned and saccharine in its depth and context. In fact, it was lacking a lot of depth and context and I heard nothing other than a pledge to put the American flag on Mars," Kirby told the panel. "I could have gotten this off of watching 'Schoolhouse Rock' and I frankly didn't need all the militaristic, you know, displays of might. I think it's just, again, not who we are as a country."


Senior political analyst Ryan Lizza knocked Trump's speechwriters, saying they "are not the best in the business" and noting that those from other presidencies have been a "whole lot better." He did credit the president, however, for not going on "lunatic tangents."

"Sometimes, it just seems like he's reading from a Wikipedia page about historical events," Lizza said.

Anti-Trump White House reporter April Ryan listed all the negatives things she was "reminded of" during Trump's speech, like the passing of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., when the president spoke about the military. She also connected his remarks about the women's suffrage movement to "voter suppression" taking place today and linked his praise for the Greensboro Lunch Counter protesters in the civil rights movement to his condemnation of the "exonerated" Central Park Five suspects.

"If you didn't know better, this president is trying to recreate his history before he celebrated the military," Ryan elaborated. "If you didn't know better, if you didn't fact-check and go back to what he said or had done about certain issues, it would be a soaring speech. But for someone who covers him day in and day out and understands some of the issues... there are a lot of things in this speech that he — it may have been 'Schoolhouse Rock Trump' version, but nonetheless we still have to fact-check and it was his attempt at a soaring moment for history."


CNN's Phil Mudd also completely trashed the speech.

"On a professional level with over 25 years in national security, I hated it. And on a personal level, I hated it even more," Mudd said. "Can we actually have a day with hamburgers, hot dogs, and a few beers without a politician? Please, one day! And now we can't because now we've got a politician saying, 'Let's celebrate guns and aircraft and forget about the Founding Fathers who talked about being cautious with the standing military."