Cindy Crawford's 'Flashback' Photo, Speidi's Takeaways From 'Marriage Boot Camp,' and Much, Much More

Here's the deal, people:

On Friday morning, legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford shared a sexy "flashback Friday" photo on Instagram (below) in which she's pretty much nude save for a tiara and a few inches of snowfall. Funny story — that's the exact same outfit we were found wearing after a drunken college birthday bender in Montreal!

There's only so much reality television worth watching nowadays, but "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" is among the best, if only to see Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt work through their marriage issues. In our video interview above, find out what brought them to the show (and how Spencer made a huge therapy faux-pas).

Angelina Jolie screened her film "Unbroken" in Vatican City on Thursday, and afterward, she met with Pope Francis to discuss the movie's message. But according to reports, Pope Francis didn't actually watch the film. It's not clear why not, but we're guessing he skipped out to see "Taken 3" playing in the theater next door.

supermodel Cara Delevingne is appearing in a new ad campaign for DKNY wearing only a bra and panties (below). Technically, she's also wearing a pair of warm, knee-length socks, but that's probably just for safety; DKNY obviously wants Cara to show some skin, but they don't want her to die of exposure in that big drafty loft of hers. They're not monsters.

According to Tina Fey, she and fellow Golden Globes co-host Amy Poehler haven't yet written any jokes for the ceremony, despite the show being scheduled for Sunday. But we get it; how can those two be expected to remain topical when they're not yet aware of the ridiculous things Kim Kardashian or Shia LaBeouf will do in the next few days?

Jennifer Aniston told The New York Times that one of her first boyfriends, who is now deceased, would have been "the one." She also says she was stupid and broke up with him when she was 25, possibly because she couldn't resist Ross Gellar's charms.

Former TLC reality star Kate Gosselin ("Jon and Kate Plus 8," "Kate Plus 8") is reportedly dating a millionaire named Jeff Prescott. Us Weekly even found a picture of her fella, but don't be fooled: She's never been seen with this Prescott character, so this could still be some kind of Jan Brady/George Glass situation.

In honor of Elvis' (would-be) birthday on Thursday, Jessica Biel whipped up a batch of peanut butter and banana pancakes for husband Justin Timberlake, who promptly shared the photo online (below). So far, however, the duo has kept mum on their plans for celebrating George Foreman's Saturday birthday. (A pressed panini in the Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling machine, perhaps?)

Sometime this year, Nike is planning to release a real-life version of the fictional self-tying Nike sneakers seen in the 1989 film "Back to the Future: Part II." Now if only those knuckleheads at Mattel would get crackin' on those dang hoverboards already, we'd finally be able to own everything we asked for on our 1989 Christmas lists.

Andi Dorfman, the star of ABC's last season of "The Bachelorette," has split from fiance Josh Murray only five months after he proposed — and we're just flabberghasted by the news! Who would've thought that cultivating a relationship on reality TV, while simultaneously cultivating several others, would end this poorly? Only Negative Nancies, that's who.

In other "Bachelorette" news, former bachelorette Emily Maynard announced that she's expecting her first child with husband Tyler Johnson, whom she met after ditching the suitor she got engaged to on the final episode of her "Bachelorette" season. Wait a minute — maybe these Negative Nancies are on to something …

Jackie Chan's 32-year-old son, Jaycee Chan, was sentenced to six months in prison on Friday for posession of marijuana. However, we estimate it'll only be about six days before Jaycee's father busts through the prison walls with a sweet roundhouse kick and frees the younger Chan from his oppressive cage.

The complete list of BAFTA nominees were announced on Friday morning in London. What are the BAFTAs, you might ask? Well, they're the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards, so they're kind of like the Oscars, but they matter much, much less.

And finally, PETA is planning to gift Kate Middleton with a faux-wool coat for her birthday (January 9th), reportedly because they want the duchess to stop wearing real-wool coats to her chilly London engagements. In other words, Kate Middleton will be re-gifting a faux-wool coat pretty soon!