Chris Soules: Can his two Whitneys get along during 'DWTS' journey?

You can’t keep him down on the farm.

After delivering a solid performance on Monday night’s "Dancing with the Stars" premiere, "The Bachelor" hunk Chris Soules talked about the experience -- and updated FOX411 on his wedding plans.

Fans of "The Bachelor" recently saw Soules, an Iowa farmer, propose to his chosen lady, Chicago fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff, on the big TV finale.

But instead of getting married right away, Soules is giving dancing a shot in Hollywood and on Monday, DWTS viewers saw him do a very credible jive with pro partner Witney Carson and get a score of 26 out of 40.

“There’s a little rhythm in there,” Soules said of his high-energy DWTS debut, revealing his mom can dance. “I’ve never done it before but it just came, so whatever’s there I credit to my mom’s side.”

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    Interestingly, Soules' dance partner and his wife have the same (almost) first name, and as fellow bleach blondes, even look a lot alike. And there may be some tension between the two as Carson playfully pawed Soules' pecs in their rehearsals, and Soules wondered aloud how him having to be so touchy feely with his new dance partner would go over with his fiancee.

    So far, so good, as fiance Bischoff cheered him on from the audience.

    “It felt good to look over and know she was there and afterwards, give her a hug,” Soules told FOX411.

    Soules and Bischoff just went public with their engagement after having to keep it a secret before the final episode of "The Bachelor" aired.

    While his DWTS duties appear to be delaying wedding bells, Soules insisted doing another reality show was the right choice for them.

    “We get to do some pretty cool things. She’s able to be here and watch me do this," he said. "She’s also proud of what I’m doing and very supportive so it’s been exciting. This is just a fun time in our lives, I think, and I’m happy with the decisions we’ve made.”

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    Soules revealed he and Bischoff “haven’t done a lot of wedding planning. We’ve been running a million miles a minute. ‘The Final Rose’ [episode] was just a week ago today so we were flying around the country doing ‘GMA’ and other things. We are trying to catch our breath and she is focusing back on her work and I’m focused on ["DWTS"] and we’re going to enjoy this ride and let it happen naturally. We’ve got to spend some time with our families.”

    Although Soules said he’d prefer “a small wedding,” his dance partner Carson teased him, “You know it’s going to be huge! It’s going to be televised! Everyone’s going to want to see it.”

    “Sorry, you don’t have a choice,” Carson said, as Soules laughed.

    The reality star said he and Bischoff were “so real” throughout the entire Bachelor process.

    “I knew what I was getting myself into. I’m not changing; she’s not changing. We both are pretty down-to-earth, level-headed individuals and I haven’t seen any surprises.”

    When asked if they might wed by the end of the year, Soules said, “That would be great. We’re going to take it one step at a time and be adults and be considerate of everything around us [but] it’s very possible. Who knows?”

    Soules said they want to start a family right after they marry: “As soon as that wedding happens, that’s the next step.

    “And that’s not going to take long,” he smiled.

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