Charlotte McKinney poses as sexy nurse for Galore

The next Kate Upton, also known as Charlotte McKinney, has been blowing up since her FOX411 interview last month.

First, she appeared on Comedy Central’s popular show, “Tosh. O” as a sexy vixen in a comedy sketch. Then, she shot a campaign for Guess.

Now, McKinney is starring in a racy photo shoot for Galore Magazine posing as a sexy nurse.

Sexy is most certainly her thing. But nudity? Not so much.

“I believe there’s a time and a place for it," she told us. "I don’t think I’m ready for it. I’m away from it for now, unless along the line of Vogue, or something amazing. But for now no.”

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    Hear that Galore? You're no Vogue! But based on a few shots in the Galore shoot, they're close.

    As for her comparison to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit supermodel, McKinney doesn’t doesn't see it.

    “I think we’re two totally different people," she said. "But I admire her business aspect of her career.”

    With all of McKinney's upcoming projects, who knows, one day Kate Upton could be known as the next Charlotte McKinney.