Chad Michael Murray talks starring in Western flick ‘Outlaws & Angels’

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Chad Michael Murray, star of the new Western “Outlaws & Angels” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, caught up with FOX411…in dirty clothes.

“I’m wearing the same clothes from yesterday that I boarded the plane with yesterday…they lost my luggage…thank you very much Southwest!” he said with a slight chuckle.

In fact, ahead of his interviews with the press, Murray tweeted that he’d be showing up sans underwear.

However the 36-year-old actor wasn’t going to let lost luggage get in the way of his first Sundance experience.

“I promised myself I didn't want to come, until I made a Sundance film,” he said. “The moment has arrived and it’s really, really surreal.”

He shared how “Outlaws & Angels” is a story of redemption.

“We basically follow this outlaw, Henry, post-robbing a bank,” he said. “Over the course of a few days they are in need of shelter and water and supplies to get across the border so they can run for freedom and be done and they fall upon this home; and basically what goes on inside this home is far more disturbing than anything they could have done. It is kind of that coming age tale of a man and redemption.”

Murray said he understands why Westerns are popular.

“Because I think it’s America! It’s one of those things where we have that, you know, that defines us as a country,” he explained. “People love the great train robberies and people love the great bank thefts and robberies, and they just love seeing it. And if you can find a new way to tell one of those stories, I think you have caught lightning in a bottle.”

The actor said he has a few things in common with his character Henry.

“I think we are both pact guys,” he said. “Henry will do anything to protect his pact and for me my pact is my family, so I will do anything to protect my pact. I think that is where we really have a big similarity.”

Luke Wilson and Francesca Eastwood also star in the film.