Cate Edwards says her father's lovechild Frances Quinn is 'family'

The daughter of former senator John Edwards revealed on ‘Today’ that even though it was hard to forgive her dad for his affair with Rielle Hunter, she still loves their child, Quinn.

Edwards, 31, revealed Friday that even though she was devastated by her dad's affair, she was always there to support him, and considers his love child with his mistress part of her own family.

“He’s my dad, I love him, we love each other and we support each other,” Cate told Savanah Guthrie on 'Today' about her father.

When he confessed the affair and child to his family, Cate said it was an extremely difficult part of her life. “I was devastated and I was disappointed," she said. "I grew up with a lot of love in my family ... it was hard to see them go through this.”

But Cate said even though there was a lot of anger in her family, she never went through a period of not talking to her father. “It’s easier to stay angry than to forgive someone. It was tough, but we worked through it," she said.

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Despite her father's affair with his former campaign videographer, while he was running for the Democratic presidential nomination, Cate says their child together is still very much a part of her family, and she she says they have a very real relationship.

“Yeah, she’s my sister. She’s just a really sweet, innocent little girl. I certainly think of her as part of our family,” she said.

Cate's mother, Elizabeth Edwards, died after a long fight with cancer shortly after divorcing her husband following his affair admission.

John Edwards was acquitted in 2012 of using campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress as he sought the presidency.