Candace Cameron Bure in tears on ‘The View’ over San Bernardino shootings, talks gun control

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“Fuller House” star Candace Cameron Bure couldn’t hold back her tears when she sat down with her co-hosts on “The View” to discuss Wednesday’s deadly shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., which left 14 dead.

“I’m a mom who misses her kids on the other coast,” Bure said through tears. “I’m from California.”

The Republican actress then delved into her thoughts on gun control, chiming in after co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Raven Symone had called for changes to the gun laws in the U.S.

“Here’s where I stand, listen, I am a conservative person,” she said. “I believe in our Second Amendment rights, but there has to be something that is sensible between both parties that people who are allowed to get guns should have training and shouldn’t be on [watch] lists. And they need to come to a common ground and have some sensible gun laws while still protecting our Second Amendment rights."

Before Bure spoke, Goldberg opened the show somewhat less enthusiastically than usual.

“It’s a tough day today,” Goldberg said as she down at the hosts’ table. “Yet another massacre.”

Behar added at one point during the chat, “It’s the availability of the gun that creates the violence. Everybody’s got a gripe, but not everybody should have a gun."

Bure insisted during the conversation, “I think we realize that terrorists are going to get guns regardless of gun laws… terrorists are going to find them and get them however they want but it still doesn’t mean… there should just be these checks that seem sensible.”

The hosts then discussed the New York Daily News cover on Wednesday that declared "God isn't fixing this," and criticized the politicians who responded to the shootings with prayers.

Goldberg praised the paper's controversial headline.

"The Daily News is very, very smart about this," she said.

Bure quickly replied, "Well, I don’t agree with that.”

Behar sided with Bure... sort of.

"When you are grieving, there is nothing else to do but pray,” Behar said. “But you know what I am praying for, I am praying that all these congressmen that do not want background checks, I’m praying that they are voted out of office.”

Bure said she is in favor of prayer because she has a "biblical world view."

“As a person that supports prayer and believes that prayer is the most-powerful weapon that we have, I believe that all things should start with prayer. I am not pushing that on anyone. This is my world view. I have a biblical world view… For me [prayer] is where I think it starts and then after that you have to take action. You can’t sit and do nothing, but you start with that prayer.”

Later, Dr. Janet Taylor joined the panelists to discuss how to cope with tragedies and explain it to children.

Bure was emotional as Taylor gave advice, and the actress wiped her eyes with a tissue as Taylor recommended it was OK to cry about the shootings.

Ahead of the show, Bure tweeted that she was praying following the events on Wednesday.