Campaign targeting Ivanka Trump's clothing line off-base?

A group of vocal Twitter users are calling for women to boycott Ivanka Trump’s fashion line over the lewd comments about women her father, Donald Trump, said on a 2005 leaked tape. But not everyone is ready to blame the daughter for the father’s sins.

The hashtag campaign #GrabYourWallet has been gaining attention on social media this week, with users circulating a list of stores that carry Trump brand products along with their contact numbers and suggested wording for requests that the stores stop selling said merchandise.

But the women we talked to said they had no problem buying Ivanka’s clothes. “I wouldn’t blame her for her father’s misdeeds,” said Sara, 35. “Her dad’s sins are not hers.”

Beth, 33, agreed.

“I like her clothing and wouldn’t fault her for someone else’s remarks,” she said. “She made it clear through the campaign that she does not agree with everything her father says and spoke up about the comments being inappropriate and offensive.”

Interestingly, it was some of the men we talked to who had a different take.

“I don’t know if I’d boycott, but I wouldn’t buy my daughter anything from Ivanka’s line, that name is poisoned,” said John, 41. “Besides, I don’t want to explain her father’s public hatred of women.”

Shannon Coulter told FOX411 she started the #GrabYourWallet social media campaign “so that I can shop my favorite stores like Nordstrom and Amazon with a clear conscience and without any bad memories.”

While we reached out to several major retailers like Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, and Dillards, only one store responded. A rep for Nordstrom said to us that, “Right now, we don’t have plans to stop carrying the brand.”

Scott Pinsker, a branding and crisis communications expert, said Trump’s eldest daughter’s brand should be able to survive and thrive post-election.

“All brands evolve over time, and the Trump brand is no different. The good news for Ivanka is that Donald Trump is such a singular, distinct presence. He’s almost a standalone product. With a few well-times, well-positioned interviews after Election Day, Ivanka can certainly reestablish her brand identity,” said Pinsker. “There will always be dedicated detractors, but Ivanka has an excellent excuse for being aligned with Donald Trump during the campaign: He’s her father, and she loves him. That’s an understandable rationale for most people."