Bryan Cranston on'Godzilla' and life after 'Breaking Bad'

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It’s monster madness at the movies as the “Godzilla” reboot storms into theaters bringing with it plenty of buzz and giant acting cred, as the cast includes Bryan Cranston. The star of the big and small screen tells FOX411 about his background with the Godzilla universe, as well as the post “Breaking Bad” projects keeping him busy these days.

FOX411: How important was it to be believable [in "Godzilla"]?
Bryan Cranston: It’s very important in any film. You don’t want to be embarrassed. Acting really finds its base in childlike play. When children play they totally dive in, they don’t judge themselves on what they’re doing or oh this is not believable, I’m not really a doctor they just play. They just commit to it. And commitment is really a large part of this. Commit to the character you’re playing, the situation you find yourself in, the relationships you’re in, and devote yourself to that and if you commit and believe it then the audience may as well.

FOX411: Your background with the Godzilla universe? Could you name some M.U.T.O.’s? Do you know a lot about it?
Cranston: No, I loved it as a kid because it was all just about destruction for me… as a boy, climbing, knocking down things, destroying things that was… boys are so clumsy and idiotic anyway and that’s what we loved and then when you get older you need more sophistication.  In 2014, audiences demand more sophistication so you couldn't possibly have, nor would I want to be in, a movie that’s just about creatures fighting each other and destroying a city. It's like so... what do we get from this? why do we care?

FOX411: Life after Breaking bad, what doors have opened… obviously theater was a good choice, Congratulations.
Cranston: Thank you. I’m on Broadway right now doing a play called “All the Way” which is the first year of President Johnson’s term in office and it’s ferocious and wonderful and exhausting and fun… then I’m very proud of this movie and happy to be promoting it and it has a message as Godzilla’s history always did you know metaphorically, and next who knows.  There’s a couple of small movies that I want to do, maybe another play down the road. I’m not sure. It’s pretty wide open.

FOX411: And comedy?
Cranston: Comedies, definitely.