Dancing With the Stars” host Brooke Burke says she is rooting for Bristol Palin, but she doesn’t think she will win this season.

Burke stopped by FoxNews.com Live’s “Morning Click” with Harris Faulkner, where she talked about the “very unpredictable” season and America’s favorite underdog, Bristol Palin.

“She’s grown the most, she went from barely being able to move those hips to now being able to get through a full Paso and doing it with vengeance,” Burke said. “I’m  kind of rooting for her as the underdog but I don’t think she’ll win.”

Last Tuesday, Palin managed to hang on as the third contestant who will compete for the title, despite her competition Brandy receiving perfect scores from the judges.

“It’s interesting because a lot of people are questioning whether Bristol should still be there or not and my thoughts really are, America’s voting and it’s a very legitimate system,” Burke said. “Judges scores count for half and America makes up the other half.”

The drama has made for an eventful season that keeps the contestants on their toes.

“I love this cast, it’s one of those seasons where you ask anybody and they give you a different answer and it’s changing every few weeks,” Burke said of the frontrunners.

“It started with Audrina Patridge, then Rick Fox went and Brandy leaving Tuesday night. It was quite a shocker, she was very upset, I don’t think she was expecting that,” Burke said.

But while Palin’s critics have cried foul in the elimination of Brandy, Burke said she does not believe there is any glitch in the system that allows Palin fans to unfairly add more votes.

“Everybody that’s questioning [Brandy’s elimination] maybe isn’t voting for her, but the majority of the country really is.”

Furthermore, Burke chalks Palin’s success up to her underdog appeal.

“ I do understand her likability,” she said. “She was the one that I feel was the most challenged having no experience at all. Having no camera experience and really dealing with that terrifying situation, she’s really out of her element.

“It will be interesting and I think this will be our most watched finale.”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.