Brooke Burke took it all off for Playboy, but says 'change is important' for mag

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Brooke Burke took it all off for Playboy back in the day, but she has no problem with the magazine pulling the plug on its famous nude pictorials.

“Maybe they’re coming full circle? So many women have graced the cover of that magazine proudly, by the way, and it will be interesting to see how their readers will respond to it, and what they can celebrate women besides, you know, nudity and their centerfold and those type of pictorials," Burke told FOX411. "I think change is important."

As for the possibility of her posing again, the mother of four does not rule it out.

“I wouldn’t go back and do nudity, but I don’t know. If I had the opportunity, there might be an important message there about beauty and strength in many other ways," she said. "And kind of embracing that roller coaster that they’ve been on."

The 44 year old Poise spokesperson was also quick to brush off reports that she tried to fight a photographer for using topless photos from her past.

“It was just a little bit annoying and disturbing that a photographer would hold on to photos, and it wasn’t like they were ‘topless’ photos," she said. "It was a photo for a European magazine when I was in my twenties. We actually didn’t pay any attention to it at all or try to fight it because it is what it is."

Burke said it's not uncommon for models to be subjected to that kind of exploitation in the industry.

“Those sort of things happen and that’s kind of the journey of growing up as a model very accepted all over the world, and in our country we like to exploit those things," she said.  So, that was kind of a gross characteristic of that photographer to try to exploit that today. But no big deal."