'Breaking Bad's' Aaron Paul slams Toys R Us over recall

Aaron Paul has slammed Toys R Us over their decision to pull “Breaking Bad” figures off their shelves claiming Barbies do more harm reports Rob Shuter of naughtybutnicerob.com.

In one of his tweets the 35-year-old actor criticizes a Florida mom. The Florida mom Paul was referring to is Susan Schrivjer who successfully petitioned the toy retail giant to dump the “Breaking Bad” dolls.

Schrivjer argued that the figures glorified the drug trade and didn’t fit with the company’s corporate philosophy. However some fans of the AMC show are campaigning for the dolls to be restocked.

The new campaign argues that the “Breaking Bad” dolls were clearly meant for adult collectors not children. More than 30,000 people have signed a petition which Paul tweeted a link to and included his character's trademark line. Earlier this week Toys R Us said the dolls were taking “an indefinite sabbatical.”