Welcome to Break Time! Here are the best stories from around the web to help you forget about the freezing temps.

It’s freezing outside but these Winter Olympic hotties know how to warm us up. Of course, we are celebrating their athletic prowess.

Another teen star faces adult problems. Nickelodeon star Drake Bell declares bankruptcy.  On the set tutoring should focus on real-life issues like checkbook balancing 101.

Well one child star falls from grace another matures in manhood. Feast your eyes on this eye candy.

Hugh Jackman wins Husband of the Year Award for not checking out hot models at New York Fashion Week. A true gentleman’s gentleman.

Miley isn’t the only controversial, intriguing Cyrus on the block. Check out Billy Ray with his rockin’ new rendition of his hit, “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Imagine if Taylor Swift was your history teacher. Imagine no more.