Break Time: Will Smith kisses son Jaden on the lips during TV interview

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First up, Will Smith may be super famous but he’s still just like any other embarrassing dad. Smith planted a big wet kiss on his son Jaden during an interview in Thailand. The teen jumped out of his chair shouting “this is ridiculous” after the public display of affection. Watch the video for more details.

Next, Kanye West shared some of his deep thoughts with the New York Times. And some of the things West had to say were a bit strange (to say the least). In the interview, he explains how he will surely own a company "worth billions of dollars" and why he’s just like Steve Jobs.

Finally, good thing Mike “The Situation” is no longer hanging around the Jersey Shore. A NJ mayor wants to ban baggy pants from the boardwalk because he says he is just plain sick of seeing everyone’s underwear labels hanging out. Yes, seriously. Click on the video above for more.