'Big Bang Theory Season 11, Episode 20 recap: Amy struggles with her bachelorette party

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Amy passed a big wedding milestone in the latest episode of “The Big Bang Theory” when the girls throw her a bachelorette party. However, given her personality, her friends don’t get the party right on the first try.

Before Amy could cut loose and have a good time, the boys had to get out of their hair. Luckily, the weekend of her party coincided with the weekend that Sheldon was going on a bit of a business trip. The episode opens with Sheldon getting a letter from Dr. Wolcott, a genius mathematician who believes Sheldon’s work on string theory can help him unlock the secrets of time.

Wolcott is a recluse who insists on total privacy. He’s so committed to being off the grid, that he sends Sheldon directions to his secluded house at the top of a mountain in code. As the group sits down to dinner to discuss their weekend plans, Amy makes it clear that she doesn’t want Sheldon going alone to meet with a man so odd. Just like that, Raj, Howard and Leonard are on the journey as well.

Wolcott is fine with Sheldon coming in, but asks only that his friends share his genius and love of academia.

“You may have to wait in the car,” Sheldon tells his friends.

Meanwhile, Penny and Bernadette finally reveal what they’ve been planning for Amy’s surprise bachelorette party. Sadly, the bride herself is less-than-thrilled to discover that the girls planned a whole night of making quilts. She reluctantly plays along for a little before snapping.

“Is this how boring you think I am?” she asks.

“Penny, she asked you a question,” Bernadette says to deflect.

Just like that, the girls decide for a bit more of a rambunctious outing, complete with body shots and shirtless men. They take Amy to a bar where she announces that she’s getting married, prompting the bartender to offer them free shots. Literally 12 minutes later, Amy is passed out on the bar and the girls are wondering what step two should be.

Later, Amy wakes up on Penny’s couch while the girls are watching a movie. She’s upset that she passed out at her own party, but the girls have her back. They lie and tell her that, before she passed out, she did a lot of wild and crazy things, including river dancing on the bar. Satisfied with her last hurrah as a single woman, Amy goes back to her apartment to recover from what is sure to be a crippling hangover.

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Sheldon is getting very close to Wolcott who, although eccentric, may genuinely be onto some serious mathematical discoveries. It looks like Sheldon is going to live there forever when Wolcott mentions that he has a wife.

When pressed for more information, the gang discovers that his wife lives in Europe and they’re a long-distance couple. He says it works for them as it allows them both to focus on their work, but still have someone to share their breakthroughs with. Just when the boys worry that Sheldon is about to abandon ship with Amy, Wolcott goes off hunting for dinner and Sheldon makes a declaration.

He has to confess that he’s not enamored with the idea of living in a long distance relationship at all. He doesn’t understand why he suddenly doesn’t want the kind of life that Wolcott has cultivated for himself. When his friends remind him that he’s got friends and a girlfriend that he loves, he suggests that they leave.

“I miss Amy,” he says, also noting that he’s not confident about Wolcott’s hunting abilities. “I’m from Texas and I can tell the difference between squirrel and rabbit.”

The episode ends with Sheldon explaining all this to Amy and asking her if she’d love him even if he changed as a result of being with her. She asks him the same question and he gives her a resounding “yes,” which she echos back to him - along with a demonstration of her river dancing skills.