Beyonce's Revealing Swimsuit Pic, Dempsey Marks' Tips for a Better Butt, and More

Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

• Earlier this week, Beyonce shared two sunny swimsuit pics on her Instagram account (see one below), and both of which picture the entertainer in a low-cut, cut-out one-piece. Each shot looks expertly framed, ethereal, and somewhat artsy too, making it that much easier to admire Beyonce's cleavage without looking like a total perv.

• Wanna look just as good as Beyonce on the beach this summer? You should take a few tips from yoga expert Dempsey Marks. We recently asked the fitness guru to demonstrate four yoga poses to help tone for our most stubborn areas — namely, our inner thighs and butt. Watch the video above and follow along!

• LeBron James accidentally flashed his penis on live TV while tucking in his shirt during Thursday's NBA Finals. There's a Vine video of the whole thing that's probably not safe for work, but we suggest you watch if you're alone and mature enough. In today's world of nip slips and upskirts, it's kinda refreshing to finally see someone's wiener.

• Lifetime has released the first trailer for Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's absurd TV movie "A Deady Adoption" (below), even though we couldv'e sworn they said they had canceled plans for this thing back in April. We guess their story of fatal adoption was just too juicy to keep to themselves, or maybe Will Ferrell simply had his heart set on showing us his new beard:

• USA Today recently noticed that, despite Beyonce touting her new plant-based lifestyle, she claims she "still eat[s] meat." Furthermore, the founder of the 22 Days Nutrition, Marco Borges, says he likes to let his followers "define plant-based living" however they want, and not how everyone else does. In related news, we define this as "bull****."

• "American Idol" host Ryan Seacret has found himself a new girlfriend in former beauty-pageant winner Hilary Cruz. TMZ is quick to note that Cruz is one of the first brunettes Seacrest has publicly dated (he usually goes for blondes), but we'd like to point out that Cruz still shares two of the traits he's notoriously fond of. Namely, her supermodel face and body:

• A company called Pocket Gems is working with Paramount Pictures to release an interactive mobile game based on the 2004 film "Mean Girls," which was about a bunch of catty high-school girls who would almost certainly make fun of anyone playing an interactive mobile game.

• WWF (and later WWE) wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes died on Thursday at the age of 69, reportedly after suffering a fall in his Florida home. His wrestling legacy will live on through his two professional wrestler sons (Golddust and Stardust), as well as Maria Menounos' halfway-decent Dusty Rhodes impression:

• Mariah Carey will reportedly be replacing Kate Upton as the face of "Game of War: Fire Age" in its new ad campaign. She'll presumably be flaunting her buxom figure just like Kate did, but as TMZ reports, the deal also includes the rights to use Mariah's music in the ads. Because if there's two things every online gamer loves, it's large breasts and the melodic chorus of "Always Be My Baby."

• Actress, model and topless video vixen Emily Ratajkowski took to Instagram earlier this week to share a behind-the-scenes snapshot from her latest photoshoot in Montauk (below). It's very sexy, but we honestly can't wait to see the finished front-of-scenes snapshots, because this behind-the-scenes crap is blocking our view:

• According to Us Weekly, Kylie Jenner is working on a "secret" album with her rapper boyfriend Tyga. Or, if she's anything like we were at age 17, maybe that's just what she's telling her parents she's doing after running off with her 25-year-old boyfriend for days at a time.

• And finally, Country Music Hall of Famer Jim Ed Brown, probably best known for his 1967 drinking anthem "Pop a Top" (below), passed away on Thursday of lung cancer, and not some kind of liver disorder, as the song naturally led us to assume. He was 81.