Bethenny Frankel: Sometimes I agree with Donald Trump

Donald Trump doesn’t have too many famous Hollywood faces sticking up for him, but “Real Housewife of New York” Bethenny Frankel is on his side… well, kind of.

After Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live!” on Tuesday, Frankel was asked by host Andy Cohen why she seemingly defends Trump. A clip of her honest answer was posted on Bravo’s website.

“I don’t defend Trump, I comment on some of the things he says,” she said. “Do I agree with some of the losers on his loser list today? Yes. Do I like that he is making this an exciting election and creating a conversation…? I enjoy that because it is not about being politically correct.”

Frankel said that Trump’s say-anything approach is changing the election.

“I just like that [he speaks his mind] in general because it’s going to throw all the other candidates off because people are reacting to him so people are going to feel like they have to really actually answer questions and not be so full of it.

“People are sick of the nonsense… they are hanging on to his words because they don’t like anything else they are hearing.”

Frankel has tweeted several messages that seem to support Trump.

The Skinnygirl beverage mogul has also created a stir lately with rumors that she is dating “Modern Family” funnyman Eric Stonestreet.

She addressed the dating buzz while speaking with Cohen.

“Eric Stonestreet and I are friends. He’s an awesome guy. I don’t confirm or deny dating rumors,” Frankel said. “Eric is awesome, as I said he is a great actor.”

She then added with a laugh, “And we are sleeping together tonight. He is at my apartment right now.”