Bella twins talk coping with reality stardom, 'Total Bellas' new season

Following the success of the “Total Divas” and the spinoff “Total Bellas,” Nikki, Brie and their partners are ready to get back to work and give fans a taste of their life in Season 2.

With a baby on the way, engagements pending and a whole lot of wrestling to be done, the ladies seem to be constantly on the go. Fox News caught up with Nikki and Brie Bella, as well as Brie’s partner Daniel Bryan, at an event in New York City where they unpacked what’s to come in Season 2 and how they’re reacting to the fame.

Fox News: What can we expect on Season 2 of "Total Bellas"?

Brie Bella: Season 2 is a lot happier, like more beautiful moments. You’re going to see Bryan and I give birth to Birdie. You’re going to see Nikki get engaged. Granted there is still a lot of drama because, with the Bella family, I swear.

Nikki Bella: When it rains, it pours.

Bellas: Always.

Nikki Bella: But also, you’re going to see more into the lives of JJ and Lauren. JJ is our brother, and [you’ll] see kind of what their marriage is going through, having a baby.

Nikki Bella: I feel like, this season, you feel the emotion so much that you scream. You can’t help but get chills or cry or laugh really hard. And so I just think this season -- I loved last season -- but this season is just awesome.

Fox News: Has it been hard to adapt to reality TV, revealing more of your private life?

Brie Bella: It’s so crazy, at first it really was, but then you have social media. So you feel like everyone is kind of pulling the curtain back a little bit right? Like, we’ll tell you this is my character on “RAW” or “SmackDown,” this is who I am on Instagram or Twitter, but for us, you know, when we first started doing “Total Divas” almost five years ago which is...

Bellas: Crazy.

Brie Bella: It was a really big deal, we’re all like, “Well, OK.” ...We knew the WWE Universe would like it... but we didn’t know if the rest of the world was going to accept it. And I think it’s been amazing to see how many women, and young girls, are like, “I want to be a woman’s wrestler” because they watch “Total Divas” and “Total Bellas,” so it kind of makes you proud.

Daniel Bryan: It’s a balancing act, it’s constantly in flux, right? Like, sometimes I feel like we don’t get enough private time. But, then it’s toning it back down for me. One of the things that makes them special is their ability to really bare all in front of the camera. All the stuff that’s going on in their personal life, not everybody can do that. That’s why they’ve been so successful. I can’t do that, right? Which is one of the reasons, sometimes, I have to back off. It really shows that these aren’t just celebrities. These are real people, just like the people watching at home, that sort of thing. And their uncompromising in their ability to do that.  Somebody like me, I’m too private, I can’t. I don’t want you to see every aspect of my life. They’re not afraid to, which is why they’re so special.

Fox News: How do you balance your WWE family with your real family?

Nikki Bella: I think the biggest challenge for me is not getting enough alone time. I’ve realized that those times you do need alone time, even if it’s for 30 minutes, it just changes everything.

Brie Bella: It’s just all of us understanding that sometimes you’re going to have bad days; sometimes you’re going to have good days.

Daniel Bryan: It’s the constant background in our life. You can’t go to a family function without somebody talking about wrestling.

Brie Bella: You have “RAW” and “Smack Down” every week so it’s always something new to talk about

Nikki Bella: And the Pay-Per-Views. It’s like “Oh, where’s Johnny, oh he’s here, then Johns here, then Bryan and they are flying here…”

Brie Bella: It’s not like there’s an off season. You always have something to talk about.

Nikki Bella: Then JJ is always chiming in, “Oh, can I get to this show?” and it’s like, “Oh my gosh.”

Fox News: What are your fears about being new celebrity parents?

Daniel Bryan: My big fear is her being exposed to too much at a young age. I’ve seen a lot where kids get treated a certain way when they're really young and then that alters their perspective of life for their entire life. I don’t want that for our child.

Brie Bella: It is weird, like, I didn’t have much fear before because I was like “I got it.” Now that she’s born, it’s like you just look at the world, and you're like “Man, I’m going to have to fight, to protect my daughter from this world,” you know?

Fox News: Is John Cena "the boyfriend" different from John Cena "the fiancé"?

Nikki Bella: The only thing that’s changed is he’ll text me now saying I miss my bride. So now he’s using the terms bride and fiancée, which I love. So he’ll do that and any time somebody calls me Mrs. Cena he’ll look at me and go, “Do you like that?” I’m like, “Oh yeah, keep saying it.” But other than that, he’s still just the same sweet, humble and romantic man.

Fox News: Will your daughter ever be able to see you perform inside the squared circle?

Daniel Bryan: In theory she should be able to watch her mom wrestle. Whether she is able to watch me wrestle, we’ll see.