ABC's "The Bachelor" is notorious for its crazy controversy and juicy drama. This season, controversy + drama = Courtney Robertson.

Bachelor Ben Flajnik, whom many viewers saw as mild mannered and low maintenance, has taken an obvious shine to the duplicitous model. Robertson is no stranger to the limelight, appearing on numerous magazine covers, and touting famous exes such as “Desperate Housewives” star Jesse Metcalfe. (Well, kind of famous.)

Robertson has consistently been called out by other contestants for her split personality, appearing overly angelic to Flajnik, while enraging the other women with her rude remarks and haughty personality.  

“The model thing was a deterrent in the beginning,” Flajnik told the Los Angeles Times. “I specifically told the producers before I started this, ‘No models. No hair and makeup people, and no fashion.”

So how has Robertson defied Flajnik’s “no model" rule?

By being sneaky. Really, really sneaky. With the finale only days away, we have chronicled Robertson's Top 10 sneakiest moves for you here.

10.  During a fly fishing group date, Courtney groans incessantly in her testimonials that she is sick of the group date format, vying to steal Ben away from the other girls to a more secluded part of the river. She makes it her goal to catch a fish to snatch his attention away. Fishy.     

9. While fellow contestant, Jamie—a quieter woman, who had finally worked up the courage to open up to Ben—sits talking with him by the pool, Courtney tiptoes into the background, strips down to a teeny bikini, and sits in a lounge chair giggling and stretching her legs in the air in an obvious move to grab Ben’s attention. Crafty.

8. On another group date in Panama, the girls have an opportunity to try on some traditional native garb in a local village. Courtney takes the opportunity to go topless, while the others, in a more modest move, choose to wear a bra under the barely-there top. Courtney proceeds to parade around flaunting her chest in front of the Bachelor. Saucy.

7. Although fellow contestant Casey S. is sent home immediately after it is discovered that she had just been in a relationship immediately before coming on the show, it is rumored that Courtney dumped her boyfriend, photographer Cavan Clark, saying she just, “needs some time off,” while actually breaking it off to go on, “The Bachelor.” Hypocrisy.

6.  Although Ben is supposed to be spending the day on a one-on-one date with one of the other women, Courtney waits on a staircase in a bathrobe for Ben to return to his hotel room—a bottle of wine in hand.  When Ben unassumingly comes home and is putting his key in the door, Courtney whistles at him from behind and seductively invites herself in, “for a nightcap.” Trashy.

5. When she discovers that fellow contestant Emily has openly voiced her concerns about Courtney’s behavior to Ben, Courtney is outraged, claiming that she wishes, “to verbally assault [Emily] or shave her eyebrows off in the middle of the night.” Meanie.

4.  A few weeks later, when Emily apologizes for her qualms about Courtney, the model retorts that she will never be able to get over the feud, that Emily’s apology doesn’t fix things, and finally poses, “What, am I now just supposed to take it up the tailpipe?” Classy.

3. While sitting chatting with some of the other women who are evidently worried that they are slated to be eliminated during the next rose ceremony, Courtney nonchalantly remarks that, “if it’s not Ben then there are other fish in the sea,” proving her indifference to the “true love” factor of the competition. More fishy.

2.  In a faux sob fest, Courtney tells Ben during their one-on-one date that she feels horrible for the way that she has treated the other girls, that she handled certain situations in an incorrect way, and feels deeply sorry for her actions. Ben buys it in a heartbeat. Liar-y.

1. While the other women sit unassuming at a cocktail party in Puerto Rico wondering where their boyfriend is, Courtney convinces Ben to sneak down to the ocean for a steamy skinny-dipping session.  The conniver passes it off as a “when else will you get the opportunity to do this in Puerto Rico,” type of moment. Ben quite obviously enjoys himself. Genius-y.