'Anchorman 2' cast talks favorite movie quotes, reuniting

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That jazz-flute playing scotch-loving famous man behind the mustache returns in “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” and FOX411 caught up with the cast to talk about this Ron Burgundy reunion, what the news team has learned, new cast members joining in the fun, and of course… what quotes they get the most from fans on the street.

FOX411: How did it feel to be back in the mustache, back behind the desk?
Will Ferrell: It felt great. It was great fun to be back in these characters working together again having a great time and creating madness once again.

FOX411: What was the big reunion day like, picturing running in slow motion towards each other…
David Koechner: We got together a week after he announced on Conan, to shoot the teaser trailer and I had people think after we shot that, a year after they go, “has that already come out?” That was a really fun special day. Best part, we all fit into the suits.

FOX411: What have you learned about the news business from your time as news people?
Koechner: Our characters don’t learn anything, ever, about anything… they’re more interested in “where are we going out after?”

FOX411: You [Will Ferrell as Ron] got the chance to do the news for real in Bismarck, N.D. so what did you learn from that?
Ferrell: I learned a healthy respect for putting on the nightly news. I watched the weather guy, something happened on the fly he had to condense his what is normally a 1:45 down to 1:20 and he just did it on the fly and I was like “I couldn't do that."

FOX411: How big of a fan were you of the first movie?
James Marsden:
I auditioned for the first movie, for Paul’s role then they brought me back for Steve’s role and then the dog’s role… I didn’t get any of them… Then I became a fan of the movie, so now to be a part of it is great. I would watch it in my trailer sometimes during the filming, watch the original.

FOX411: How many days of your life have people quoted “Anchorman” to you now?
Ferrell: It didn’t start out that way at first but as the movie has grown in popularity over the years you’re kind of inundated almost more so now than when it first came out.
David Koechner: “Can I get a Whammy?”
Steve Carell: I get “I love lamp” a lot
Paul Rudd: The one I get the most would be “60 percent of the time it works every time.” But that’s a little trickier to get out then “I love lamp,” I love lamp is something you can yell across the street.