Amy Poehler: 'I don't care about 'Star Wars'

Seth Meyers welcomed some old friends to "Late Night" on Thursday, hosting the cast of the upcoming Tina Fey/Amy Poehler film "Sisters."

The comedy opens this weekend, opposite a little film called "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," and when Meyers offered the stars a chance to promote their movie using figurines from the beloved sci-fi franchise, tempers ran a little high.

“I have read this guy’s name three times,” Poehler said of her figurine. “I don’t care. I don’t care about 'Star Wars' and I never f***ing did!”

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“I’m sorry, I’m tired of pretending,” the actress and comedian continued as her fellow castmates cracked up. “I’m tired of pretending, I don’t care about it. This guy’s face is covered up, ‘cause he’s so embarrassed that he’s gotta go see 'Star Wars'.”

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    Some of Poehler’s co-stars had some pretty solid pitches, however. Ike Barinholtz’s figurine was of Kylo Ren, the Sith Lord played by Adam Driver in the latest installment, and the actor did a solid impression of Driver as he made his plea.

    “Why would you see a movie with the guy from 'Girls',” he asked, “when you could see a movie with the guy from 'The Mindy Project'?”

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    Rachel Dratch’s Chewbacca figurine mostly just made Wookie noises from his spot perched on her cleavage, while Maya Rudolph’s BB-8 gave a nod to Poehler’s rant.

    “I will never know the touch of a real woman,” she said, adding some random robot noises. “Please go see 'Sisters.' I don’t have feet.”

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    "Sisters" writer Paula Pell had John Boyega’s Finn figurine, which seemed to placate Poehler a bit.

    “At least he’s a person,” she conceded. “Give a job to an actor for once.”

    “'Sisters' is good,” Pell spoke for Finn, before sending him to the “space cave,” a.k.a. down her pants.

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