Amy Grant lives her life by two rules: Love God and love everybody else no matter what

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When Amy Grant released her first Christmas album in nearly 20 years, she was a bit surprised when LifeWay Christian Resources decided against selling her album in their stores.

Why? According to Grant's manager, the songwriter's record was not Christian enough.

"I owe LifeWay the biggest thank you note," Grant told FOX411 Country of the free press.

Grant's "Tennessee Christmas," available now at Cracker Barrel, is a Christmas album that highlights not just the joys of the holiday season, but also the sadness that often accompanies it.

"I have recorded a lot of Christmas music...over the last 30 plus years and I really wanted to make a record that was geared to an audience of one and to take into account that sometimes the holidays are a lonely time," Grant said of the inspiration behind her new record.

Despite being categorized as a contemporary Christian singer, the 55-year-old doesn't want to be labeled.

"I don't put labels on anybody. Am I a person of faith? Absolutely. But I think all creativity comes from God, so whether somebody is in a place in their spiritual journey to acknowledge that or not, I just say everybody is artistic in someway and all that comes from God.

She added, "So I always steer clear of labels and it's not from an embarrassment standpoint, it's just because every good thing comes from one place."

The six-time Grammy winner said faith is the most important thing in her life. She revealed she has been saying the same prayer every day for 30 years.

"I pray a simple prayer every day and I have for almost 30 years. And it's just this, 'Lord, lead me today to those I need and to those that need me and let something I do matter eternally."

Despite putting her faith above all else, she has come to learn not to "plan [her] career" according to her beliefs.

"To me, faith, that's the adventure part of life. So it has nothing to do with how I plan my career and it just has to do with my day in and day out how I live."

The singer added, "I think my faith, the way I understand God's love is only two rules. Love God and love everybody no matter who they are no matter what they say and to me that's the most freeing way to live life."

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