'American Sniper' widow: Film is a blessing for my family

The Oscar-nominated film "American Sniper" based on the life story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is in theaters now. Kyle was known as the deadliest sniper in U.S. military following his four tours of duty in Iraq. After returning home, he was killed in 2013 by a veteran he was trying to help. His wife Taya was involved in the making of the film which stars Bradley Cooper as Chris. She spoke with FOX411 about her involvement in the film, what the movie means to her, feedback she’s received from veterans on it, as well as her Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to help military families.

FOX411: What was important to you to convey about Chris in the film?
Taya Kyle: I think the biggest thing for me was that he was not a stereotype. He wasn’t a stereotypical cowboy. He wasn’t a stereotypical soldier. Yet he had the best qualities that you would think stereotypically would be in those two groups as far as heart and things like that. That was one of my main concerns. Then the other one was just that I’ve always seen the softer side of Chris that I think is really beautiful and if that was appropriate to put in there, I thought it would be nice.

FOX411: What does it mean to you and your family to have this movie?
Kyle: It’s really an incredible blessing. It’s really a gift. Even his interviews and things that he’s done, I recognize that that is a blessing too to have that. Not everybody has that when somebody is killed, and his friend Chad Littlefield who was killed with him, there isn’t a lot of video of him, and I think that would make it harder.

FOX411: Have you gotten feedback from troops, from veterans, on the film?
Kyle: I have. In fact that is such a blessing because during the book signing we would hear from some people who said it was helpful to their marriage just to see the different perspectives. Then when we did a screening at Fort Hamilton one of the military wives came up, and she’s been 15 years in the service with her husband, and she had tears in her eyes and said “This is the first time that I’ve ever really seen it through my husband’s eyes.” I thought, wow that’s really powerful, because we all have these conversations with our spouses for first responders or veterans in some form or fashion you’ve probably had this conversation if your husband is in a combat type zone and for a husband to be able to see his wife’s perspective differently, because you’re one step removed from yourself, is a blessing and for a wife to see the husband’s I thought was pretty incredible too.

FOX411: Do you think there needs to be more attention paid to the everyday for our troops what they go through and what they must face when they’re coming home and adapting to life at home?
Kyle: I do. It’s interesting because, I’m really grateful that we’ve come so far as a country from the days of Vietnam. Those guys still haven’t recovered from the reception that they got. So I feel like we’re doing a lot better, and I do feel that the next step then can be to help the marriages. We have a Chris Kyle Frog Foundation that’s based on doing exactly that, you know, honoring god and country by helping families who serve and it’s the marriages I think are the cornerstone of that and they’re typically very strong people with big hearts, to be in that kind of a marriage in the first place, and they have the same issues across the board almost. So if we can help each other and create those networks and give some simple fixes, I think that it could be an incredible gift to the entire family.

"American Sniper" opens in theaters nationwide January 16th.