American Idol's Chris Medina on "What Are Words" Success: "I Couldn't Dream a Dream This Big!"

Chris Medina may not have realized his dreams on American Idol, but the charismatic former contestant's career is seemingly on the fast track.

Medina was eliminated from the singing competition during the critical Top 24 cut – just before the contestants perform live and are judged by viewers. But his new song, “What Are Words,” a tribute to Julie, his fiancée, has skyrocketed on iTunes.

Julie was in a car accident and suffered major brain injury two months before they were scheduled to get married.

“About two days after I got eliminated Rodney Jenkins, a fantastic producer, wrote a song that he was inspired to write after seeing the audition,” Medina told "Fox & Friends" Tuesday morning.

He said a portion of the song's proceeds were going to his fiancee's recovery fund.

Medina also told the morning show's hosts he feels he came away with a newfound admiration for American Idol's judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer López and Randy Jackson.

“A guy like Steven Tyler paid his dues,” Medina said. “They didn’t have a platform like American Idol back then where someone like me can come in and get to this position.”

Medina recalls the moment when López broke the bad news and told him he'd be going home.

“I thought she did a great job. If there is any way to kick someone off a show that is the way to do it,” Medina said. “She has a way of telling you, 'Hey, look, that wasn’t that good.'

"But it doesn’t really break your spirit," he added. "It makes you want to elevate your level of performance.”

Despite his misfortune at times, Medina has marveled at his recent success.

“I couldn’t dream a dream this big,” he said.

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