After Moriah Peters auditioned for “American Idol” during her senior year of high school, she walked away feeling discouraged. However today she looks back and realizes that that rejection has actually led to the best things in her life.

The now 24-year-old has said that the “Idol” judges once mocked her religious lifestyle, but now she looks back on the experience as a lesson.

Peters is now starring in her first movie, a faith-based film titled “Because of Gracia.” She plays a high schooler named Gracia who shares striking similarities with Peters in real life. In the film, Gracia is mocked for her good girl image.

Peters told Fox News that the movie will strike a chord with viewers because of the characters in the film.

“… At one point I thought the director created [the] story based on my experiences that he had seen in interviews online because they are so similar, but I think that people will really find a connection to characters…” she said.

Peters was 16 when she stood in front of the “Idol” judges.

“The thing I have come to realize about my ‘American Idol’ experience is that just like so many of the other things that we go through in life that are difficult, those are the moments that make us and lead us to all of the opportunities to get to find as we are older.”

Peters’ said the rejection brought a sense of gratitude.

“Now I have come to look back on that time with such gratitude, because had that opportunity not closed I wouldn't have found all the incredible experiences I have been able to have years later. I think national recording records and touring, meeting my husband eventually and making this movie…all of that stemmed from that what was once rejection and now I can now see a redirection.”

“Because of Gracia” hits theaters September 15th.