American Idol: Jessica Sanchez & Jeremy Rosado Make Top 13

“Dim the lights… here we go! After the nationwide vote, Jessica Sanchez, you are in the top 10!”

This is how “American Idol” began Thursday night, as America voted for Latina singer, Jessica Sanchez, to move on to the next Live Show performance.

Over 33 million votes were received. Five male and five female contenders were chosen. Then each judge received a wild card pick.

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Next week, male contestants will be singing Stevie Wonder songs, while the ladies will pay tribute to Whitney Houston. Hip-hop diva Mary J. Blige will perform as well.

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    Fellow Latino Jeremy Rosado, making it to the top 10 was one dramatic “wild” turn of events.

    (Watch Video of Performance and Reaction Above)

    “I’m not going to lie,” said Rosado as American Idol host Ryan Seacrest called him up to reveal his future on the show. “I feel my heart beating out of my chest right now… I love you guys.”

    Both Rosado and  Jennifer Lopez were stunned to learn that Records chairman Jimmy Lovine didn’t think Rosado was ready to continue in the singing competition.

    “Jeremy did a great job,” Lovine said in a video clip played during eliminations. “[He is] the nicest person on this show.”

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    “That’s not going to cut it,” Lovine continued. “You need more than that to win on this show.”

    Lopez retaliated on the spot.

    “We are looking for the whole package,” she said looking a bit irritated. “Jeremy has that.”

    “Maybe Jimmy should come to the show,” Lopez added. “I respect Jimmy and I get some of the things he’s saying. [But] for some things I want to punch him and some of the other things I agree with.”

    Lopez paused, collected her thoughts then said that with “some of the things he’s saying… I wouldn’t choose to say them that way.”

    “Talent is always going to be relevant,” she continued. “There’s room for all different types of artist.”

    So after Rosado did not make the top 10 the first time around, Lopez asked him to “sing for his life” and prove he deserved a wild card spot.

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    Rosado performed an emotional rendition of Carry Underwood’s “I know What You Want.” It blew the judges away and touched JLO who began crying with Rosado upon the last note of the song.

    “This is my dream,” said Rosado as tears fell down his cheeks. “I may not have showed you that the other night, but if you pick me [as a wild card] I promise you…”

    This sealed the deal for Lopez, who told Rosado he’d earned a second chance.

    “I believe in Jer bear,” she said. “He has one of the most beautiful voices.”

    And just like that Rosado and Sanchez hugged as the two Latinos on Season 11 enter the top 13.

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