American Idol: Hollie Cavanagh Axed, JLO Sensually 'Dances Again'

Things are heating up on American Idol, as the final three were chosen Thursday night and unfortunately for Hollie Cavanagh it doesn’t include her.

Cavanagh, 18, had to endure American Idol host Ryan Seacrest announce how Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips would all go ahead to the next rounds.

But unlike previous contestants, who shed tears and at times convulsive in agony, Cavanagh didn't cry, didn’t show any pain as she saw her video compilation of her time on the show.

“I had a gut feeling when I woke up this morning,” Cavanagh told The Hollywood Reporter backstage about her inevitable elimination. “I was looking at everyone like are they treating me different? Who’s talking to me weird?”

“That’s why I wasn’t so emotional today,” she added. “I was emotionally preparing myself for this.”

The Texan native performed one last time, singing Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb,” which she called one of her favorite songs.

As she sang, she hugged her fellow Idol hopefuls, who were in tears and overly emotional. She then went over to the judges and hugged and shook hands with them. As usual it was JLO who was the most emotional out of the judges.

Other than Cavanagh's exit from the singing competition, the talk of the night was Jennifer Lopez’s performance of her latest single “Dance Again” with her boyfriend Casper Smart.

A slimmer looking JLO glowed as she twirled in a shimmery midnight-blue leotard with fishnet stockings.

The highlight of the night came when she and Smart had a dancing duet and closely moved their bodies together.

Upon finishing her dance, Lopez thanked everyone on American Idol and said Smart “is so cute” as he took out confetti of her hair.

Last month, the playing of a clip from Lopez’s racy music video for “Dance Again” on American Idol -during the eight to nine o'clock block when families often view television together- drew criticism from media watchdogs.

The Culture and Media Institute, a non-profit dedicated to promoting and restoring traditional moral values, a part of the Media Research Center network, said JLO’s latest video was completely inappropriate for a “family friendly audience.”

Lopez, 42, debuted a 30 second clip from “Dance Again,” on American Idol Thursday April 8, at 8:10pm.

In the clip, Lopez and her boyfriend Casper Smart show a lot of skin. The full video was not aired. In the unaired segment, the real-life lovebirds dance and grind explicitly, while Lopez sings about how she loves to make love. In one part of the video, they partake in what appears to be an orgy.

“Because it [the music video] was shown on American Idol, it’s an inappropriate venue, and she is better than that,” Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business and Culture at the Culture and Media Institute told Fox News Latino.

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